While never solicited, positive feedback is always appreciated. Practicing law can be a very stressful situation for both the client and attorney. Knowing that you have made a difference and your efforts were appreciated is always a good thing.


I never felt judged for my poor decision I made. Ryan had a great rapport with me and delivered on what he said he was going to do. It made a stressful situation much less so.    Lisa S., Muskegon.

He got five felonies dismissed before trial by showing the prosecutor that there was no basis for the charges that were brought. I would highly recommend him. Well worth the money.   Larry W., Grand Rapids

I was terrified about going to Federal Prison. I have never been in trouble before and didn’t know what to expect. He kept my freedom and that allowed me to keep my job and everything else.  Paul M., Grand Rapids

I was falsely accused of beating up my stepdaughter. I knew I had done nothing wrong. My first attorney seemed to get pushed around by the prosecutor and I was scared to death. I hired Ryan halfway through the case and he got me a better plea offer right away and then, right before trial, he got them to agree to drop the whole case. Very thankful.  John D., Rockford

Ryan made me feel so at ease throughout the entire process. He explained everything along the way and I knew what was going on the whole time. It took a tremendous amount of stress out of my life.  Larry S., Wyoming