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Arraignments: What you should know and what to do

An arraignment is the first court appearance for a person facing criminal charges. The purpose of an arraignment is 1) inform the person of the charge or charges pending against him or her 2) set bond 3) set the next court date. Generally, arraignments are fairly quick and painless. That is not to say that […]

Maybe it is time to get rid of all court appointed attorneys

As the article below shows, their are major problems with the court appointed attorney system in Michigan. While I am sympathetic to those who truly can’t afford an attorney, many people are given a court appointed attorney even when they have good jobs and should have assets to pay for one. They are just being […]

It would be nice if Courts would make this the law

I practice throughout West Michigan working almost entirely for people charged with a crime. One thing I have noticed lately, particularly is the lower population counties is a basic law of professional courtesy. I am talking specifically about counties such as Barry, Muskegon, Ionia, and Montcalm. Sometimes a person charged with a crime in these […]

Don’t Believe Everything you Read in the News

On occasion, one of my clients and their case will be featured in the news. I am ethically prohibited from talking to the media in a way that would influence public opinion about the case, so I usually keep my mouth shut. That being said, there are a few a things that I need to […]

The Trouble with Bonds

In many criminal cases, the defendant is required to post some type of bond. There are four main types, a PR (personal recognizance bond), a cash bond, a cash/surety bond and a 10% bond. While clients typically prefer the PR bond, many judges do not grant PR bonds in most cases. I can say from […]

Talking to the Police and Miranda

The police must read your your Miranda rights or “Mirandize” when two conditions are met. First, you must be under arrest or be able to leave. And second, the information they are attempting to glean from you must be incriminating. Trust me, if you are being investigated for committing a crime, they are always trying […]

You can distribute child porn to yourself

Believe it or not, people in Michigan are now being charged as distributors of Child Porn merely be downloading it on their own computer. There is not need for it to be forwarded to a third party. Recently, I have noticed a number of cases in which the prosecution is charing my client with possessing […]

Proving Guilt Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

To convict some one of a crime, the state has the burdend of proving guilt “beyond a reasonable doubt.” More specifically, each element of the charged offense or offenses must be proved beyond a reasonable doubt. Reasonable doubt does not mean beyond all doubt but rather is means ” a fair, honest doubt growing out […]