Recent Results

A criminal defense attorney should be judged on his or her competence, hard work, compassion, and above all, results. While each case is unique, and nothing is guaranteed in any particular case, here are some recent actual results from real cases throughout West Michigan:

  • After my client fired his previous lawyer for a lack of willingness to fight, a client who has 7 juvenile convictions, 11 adult misdemeanors, and 5 prior felony convictions was able to plea guilty to felony number 6 and only get 30 days jail to be served on weekends. This was a substantial improvement of the first offer of 1 year in jail when I took over the case two months earlier.
  • A client was charged with a bogus disorderly conduct charge by an over aggressive cop. I was able to negotiate a dismissal of the charge in exchange for 24 hours of community service. No fines or probation.
  • My female client was attacked by a man and was strangled. She defended herself and was charged with assault. We wouldn’t cave in and take a deal and the prosecutor dismissed the case just before trial.
  • A was able to negotiate a felony retail fraud and four retail fraud misdemeanor charges down to two misdemeanors with no jail.
  • A retail fraud client retained me before she was charged. We were able to negotiate a deal where charges weren’t brought if she brought the merchandise back.
  • A client was charged with stabbing a man in the back. She received probation and no jail on a felonious assault charge that could have been an attempted murder.
  • A man was accused to stealing prescription pills. After meeting with the head prosecutor and stating our side of the case and why I felt this man wasn’t likely to be convicted by a jury, the prosecutor agreed to dismiss the case.
  • A young woman was accused of possessing marijuana. I was able to meet with the prosecutor and convince her that they had no case. She agreed and dismissed the case right on the spot. The co-defendant, represented by a different lawyer, had to plea guilty. They would not dismiss his case.
  • A young man shot another young man. The court appointed attorney told me that the best I could get for him was 5 years unless I had a “magic wand.” I got him 10 months in jail but he was allowed to serve it at home on a tether.
  • A man was charged with kidnapping and strangling his girlfriend (among other things). He had three previous felonies and failed a lie detector. I got him 201 days, time served and probation.
  • A man with two previous retail fraud convictions was accused of stealing from a phone store. I got the prosecutor to dismiss the case the day of trial because he clearly had no intention of stealing. The store manager and the police officer were not happy, but too bad.
  • After a routine traffic stop, a man was charged with five counts of weapons possession. He had three prior felonies. They wanted prison. I was able to negotiate the dropping of four counts, and jail time on the remaining one; with work release.
  • A drunk driving client has his case dismissed when I convinced the prosecutor that he was not driving car. Not sure why this took so long.
  • A 17-year-old had an underage girl text him a racy, though definitely not pornographic, pictures. He was charged with possession of child pornorgraphy. If convicted, he would have had to register as a sex offender for 25 years. I got it down to a 90 day misdemeanor with Holmes Youthful Trainee status. He doesn’t have a  record and does not have to register himself as a sex offender.
  • A repeated drug offender was charged with having marijuana in his car. I was able to convince the prosecutor that there was reasonable doubt as to whose marijuana it was. The case was dropped.
  • A man who didn’t speak any English was charged with multiple counts of Criminal Sexual Conduct 1st Degree. This carries a mandatory 25 year to life minimum sentence. At a bench trial, and despite as signed confession and a failed lie detector, the judge found that there was reasonable doubt as to is guilty and acquitted him.
  • A client charged with armed robbery was facing life in prison. His previous attorney, who was court appointed didn’t do much to help him. I was able to get a reduced charge and get a jail cap for a man that was looking at the possibility of life in prison.
  • A client, who was on federal parole was charged with stalking his girlfriend. He was facing 6 felony counts all together. I was able to prove his alibi defense to the prosecutor and the charges were dropped without ever going to trial.